On our downtime at work, we were asked to create ads to be used in building up lists for email sends. The idea was to create emails that were more or less basic, generalized lists, almost like "Top 10" or countdown lists, of any generic and PC nature we could think of. I created an ad for the Top 10 Michigan Vacation Destinations, 5 Training Tips for your Dog, and the Top 6 Barcades in the US.

View Top 10 Michigan Vacation Spots
View 5 Training Tips for your Dog
View the Top 6 Barcades in the US

All three emails were built in Photoshop and sent to a programmer to be developed into flexible HTML emails. We were instructed to only use images from sites with no copyright restrictions, so the majority of the imagery in my emails are illustrations drawn in Photoshop or Illustrator. The photos in the Michigan Vacations email are from a state website, so no copyright issues (with the exception of Grand Rapids, which is my own photograph!). The photograph at the top of the Barcades email is also mine. I wrote all of the content myself, with facts researched from websites listed at the bottom of the emails. The Barcades are just a quick summary of the features listed at each location, linking to the actual website for each Barcade.


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