A fictional mobile app that I designed. I wanted to create a better way to make a reservation, something that would be simple, easy, and allow you multiple search options and choices. This was more of a learning process, to figure out how mobile app design and UI for mobile apps works.

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After doing research, and conducting interviews and creating personas, I developed a set of wireframes and a sitemap to plan out what content was neccessary. I created a prototype, and after testing it with several people, I made decisions on what content did not make sense, or needed to be explored further. After the first round, I found that it was still too much work for most users, so I wanted to simplify the steps/screens down to as few as possible. I also wanted to include a map view for results, instead of just a list option.

After doing another set of wireframes and finding issues through testing with these, I decided to start designing. I chose the orange color initially, as I wanted something bold that stood out. I used two shades of darker turquoise to complement, and a shade of light turquoise as an additional accent. I also decided that I wanted to use icons instead of text, and to use it as consistently throughout the app as I could, while maintaining text for space reasons, where it's needed. I also included detailed views of iPhone's native design for inputting information via keyboard or date selections.

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