A front-page mockup and mobile app mockup for the fictional site United Nerds, a place to find localized "nerd" events. This was a project where I was given a set of wireframes that were already created, and was asked to develop the visual design elements of the two pages. In addition to wireframes, I was also provided with a style guide, as well as details of the branding, including color, typography, and the logos uses.

The two styles that the client preferred were a subtle, typography-based style, and a texture and color heavy style. Given the color scheme that was already present, I knew that it would be a bit difficult to make the site very colorful, without it being bland. I chose to focus heavily on texture, both with a very light texture used throughout the site, as well as the texture given by drop shadows. I chose to keep the rest of the elements simple, focusing on color and typography. I wanted to keep everything slightly rounded and evenly shaped, to reflect the logo. I wanted the button text and the heading text of sections to be the elements that popped most, directing the viewer where to go, and how to find what they are looking for.

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