A self-initiated project to develop a logo for each of the lakes in Michigan. This is an ongoing project, and will continue until I have completed all of the lakes in my list. I am focusing on any lake that is significant enough to have an actual name, of which there are a many in Michigan. So far I have roughly 100-120 completed.

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For all of the logos, I designed them mostly in Illustrator. There are a few that include some Photoshop work, mostly for layering gradients. I wanted to try different styles on all of them. Some use more illustration work, some use more typography, some use more organic shapes, and some rely more heavily on texture. When browsing illustrative and branding work, I stumbled across a designer who was creating logos for each lake of her home state. I believe it was for Wisconsin. It seemed like a really fun idea, and would give me an opportunity to keep up with my typography and illustration skills, but wouldn't require me to keep up with it constantly. In the course of a year, I probably design 20-30 new logos, whenever I have the extra time.

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