Two different deployments for McGrath Acura of downtown Chicago. The first email listed was the initial deployment, and the second is the updated version for a fall-themed deployment. Both are promoting the 2016 TLX first and foremost, as well as presenting other vehicle options. They are also promoting the service specials that they offer.

View Email #1
View Email #2

Both email ads were designed in Photoshop, then sent to a programmer to be built into a flexible HTML file. I was provided with a logo, the banner images promoting the TLX, and some transparent images of cars, and basically designed the rest from scratch. The logo also had to be color-corrected, as it was a shade of Cyan that contrasted sharply with the color scheme of the website, and the email. The client wanted something sleek and stylish, which meant much customization that wouldn't work in a pre-coded template. I also opted to use Helvetica Neue to match the website, a font that is not email friendly, so a majority of the content is imagery, not live text.

For the banner ads, I wanted to have them reflect the emails as closely as possible. The service specials message promoted for the first email. For the second, I focused more on the Black Friday deals, as well as utilizing the fall imagery.



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