A WordPress site that I built for Malo Properties, an industrial rental company in Illinois. The website was built using a theme, and customized with the branding, imagery and styling of the original website and materials for Malo Properties. The site is meant to be a place for viewers to find out more about industrial rental properties by location, and to learn more about properties that are available.

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In building the site, there were several options built into the theme that had to be updated or removed. On mouseover for images, they would become slightly opaque, and have a diamond shape and some text over them. We thought this was distracting, and unnecesary, considering the objectives of the site. I had to remove them all via the PHP and CSS for the website. I also had to do a lot of work to get the images to be large enough, yet fit visually, to show detail of the locations. We also worked on the SEO of the website, utilizing keywords and other SEO strategies through WordPress' tool sets for SEO.

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