An email ad intended to promote the opening of a new branch of Gold's Gym in Yukon, Oklahoma. This was a custom email, designed in Photoshop, and programmed for HTML. The purpose of the email is to inform viewers of the location opening, as well as present the different amenities they will provide, to entice customers into learning more about signing up. It also promotes the $0 to join offer presented for the new Gold's Gym location.

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The original intent of the email was to use a PDF that was created as a flyer. However, this flyer was difficult to read, and wasn't very email-friendly. I used the base design principles, as well as the branding of the website, and pulled the copy from the flyer. I re-designed it to be more visually stimulating for email, as well as making it flow better. The classes section was not in the original PDF. I thought it would be beneficial to add it, to give viewers more information into what kind of classes and activities they could find at Gold's Gym, to further promote how useful a membership could be.

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