A selection of web design work that I created as freelance work. The first was for, a gift-registry website, looking to emphasize the simplicity in signing up and searching for a registry. They had a logo, but no other branding (no color or font requirements). The second was for Picozzi and Partners, a legal firm operating out of Hong Kong. The goal was to inform viewers of their services, and give them a means of contacting.

For the first project,, I initially was asked to design a homepage or landing page only. I ended up deciding to also build out a mobile version of this home page. The majority of the content were personal choices. I wanted to keep it fun and inviting, utilizing a serif font and illustrations drawn in Illustrator.

For the second project, I wanted to focus mostly on promoting the company. There wasn't a lot of content to work with, so I tried to keep things simple, yet visually interesting. Considering the imagery I was provided, and the logo, I thought that a dark website would be effective, to make everything pop a bit more. The client provided much of the content, from branding and a logo, to the imagery used throughout the site.

Picozzi & Partners

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