One of three projects built to test out a new product packaging a custom-created landing page with retargeting display ads. These were built for Demar, a printing and direct mail based company located in Illinois. With no offers to work with, the main goal of the landing page and banner ads was to push all of the services that Demar is capable of. I also included a contact form, to push free quotes.

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Since there were no offers to work with, it was difficult to come up with content for this landing page. After brainstorming with the clients, we decided that presenting the most utilized services would be the best direction. Imagery was pulled from the site and customized to fit a new design and color scheme that is being used for a possible rebranding. I also chose to include the contact form, because I thought that offering viewers an easy way to contact them for quotes would be beneficial. The landing page is also responsive.

The banners are built to compliment the landing page, and promote the tag line of the company. Since we had no offers to work with, I chose to make them visually compelling and bold, so that they would stand out a bit more.



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