This is a self-initiated project to develop an illustrative font, and building it out into a booklet combining illustration and imagery. All of the letters were initially drawn by hand, then converted and perfected in Illustrator. In the end, I preferred to leave these as an all-caps letter set, because I liked the way they looked, and didn't think it was necessary to build them out further, since they are more decorative, and less for practical use.

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After I developed all of the letters in Illustrator, I wanted to find a way to present them, in a way other than just having letters on a page. I chose to add elements of color, texture, and gradient, as well as a small image that represents the letters... IE Apple for A, Quartz for Q, Monkey for M. I wanted it to be simple, yet visually stunning.

This project was really an exercise in my love for typography and letterforms, combined with my love for color and texture use. I love typography, and I enjoy randomly sketching out new type faces, usually decorative.

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