A set of wireframes that I helped to develop for InteractiveH20, a company that provides outsourcing options for PPC to marketing agencies. The wireframes are a simple structure, to figure out what content belongs on which pages, as well as the proper navigation for the site.

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I assisted on the planning level of this project for The Ocean Agency. The majority of the websites created by The Ocean Agency are WordPress-based sites, utilizing pre-existing themes. In this case, the plan was to develop a custom theme in house, based on the needs of the client. Therefor, it seemed prudent to create wireframes, to nail down exactly what content needed to go where, and how best to navigate it. We had a large amount of pre-existing content to work with, so we were able to include some of the copy into the wireframes, to make them a bit more informative. I wasn't around to see the conclusion of the project, but I enjoyed getting a chance to learn how wireframes worked, and how best to use them.

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