The web home for Boardroom Insider, the business created by author Ralph Ward. In addition to the five books that he has written, Ralph also puts out a monthly newsletter, informing on the topic of boardrooms, and how best to run them. He also has a program that companies can sign up for, in which he hosts a several-day seminar, teaching companies how to better run their own boards.

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I have been involved with much of the design behind Boardroom Insider. I created the logo, as well as a previous version of the website, which I hand-coded. It wasn't capable of handling all of the features that the website needed, considering my level of code knowledge, so I felt that WordPress would be the best way to handle these needs. The site is based on a WordPress theme, but I did a lot of customization to it, as it was built more for a book sales store, not for a newsletter ordering system.

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