5 Training Tips For Your Dog |
When walking your dog, be sure to maintain control, and
leadership. Your dog should walk behind you to maintain
the impression that you are the leader of the pack. The
dog should always be following, not leading. Give your
dog enough time to allow for exercise, as well as time to
do his or her business. Always reward your dog for good
behavior when you return, preferably by feeding your dog.
  Always be consistent in your training. Use the same
keywords at all times, for whichever action your requiring
of your dog. If you always use the word "down" to get
your dog off of a couch, chair or bed, be sure that anyone
else interacting with your dog uses the same verbiage.
Also be sure maintain consistency in training. Don't give
up, or slack off on training!
Be sure to reward your dog for good behavior! Only
punishing bad behavior can leave them confused, and
unsure what to do. Always give them a treat, praise, or
positive attention if they do something correct, to
reinforce these good behaviors!
When training your dog to learn new tricks, treats are the
best way to encourage behaviors. Whenever your dog has
successfully learned a new trick, incorporate it into your
day-to-day tasks to keep it fresh in their minds. Keep
training sessions short, so as to avoid your dog losing
attention. If you get frustrated or mad, leave it to
another time, rather than continuing.
If you plan to use training pads when housebreaking your
dog, be sure to introduce them to the pads early. If they
relieve themselves on any objects that you can move, put
them on top of the pad, so they associate the smell with
that area. Always praise and reward if they relieve
themselves on the pad. Once they have learned to go on
the pad, move it slowly towards a door, until it is outside.
This will help the dog to learn to relieve itself outside.
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